One of the most important elements of Chiropractic Care is identifying the “cause” of a problem. Although there are a variety of diagnostic techniques to fully understand what could be happening. Digitial X-Rays are the gold standard and not undergoing a proper assessment would be leaving so much information on the table.

While we spend a lot of time sleeping, most of our life is spent upright. That is why it’s important to assess your body in an upright or standing position. X-Ray examinations when done upright will allow the doctor to assess the biomechanical, postural and structural integrity of the body.
At Chiropractic Wellness Center X-Rays are taken, read and diagnosed all on the same day. Dr. Ivanov is able to diagnosis subluxations, twisting of the vertebrae, osteoporosis and any dislocation or fracture. Our office is able to identify the cause of the problem and create a treatment/wellness plan for your specific needs.