The human spine provides a foundation for your body whereby all the muscles, ligaments and tendons connect to. And its these large, complex groups of muscles that work together to support the body and hold it upright, move, twist, bend and lift various objects in multiple directions.
If the spine is not properly aligned or in its normal position, then all of these muscles and nerves downstream from the spine will be impacted negatively.

Imagine the nerves in your body as a garden hose. If your garden is desperately dry and needs water to grow, you will hook up a hose and water the garden. However, if someone comes along and steps on the hose cutting off the water supply, the garden will become sick and eventually die. Likewise, if the hose is released, the water supply will be restored and the garden can grow. Your body reacts in the same manner as a subluxation (vertebrae is pinching on a nerve).

After a period of time, varies symptoms will occur. In some cases the person may experience pain, numbness, burning, or tingling. In other cases the symptoms may go unnoticed except that the person is more susceptible to colds, tires more quickly or starts having problems with an internal organ. Any area of the body can be affected by a subluxation.

Dr. Ivanov uses specific manual adjustments to correct the spine or any dislocated joint. Our goal at Chiropractic Wellness Center is to make sure you feel and function at 100%!